Kingoroot apk is the best one click Android root tool for Android. This app offers easiest and fastest Android rooting solution. Support all most all Android phones, tablets and devices. Show highest success rooting success rate.

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Name: Kingoroot apk
version: v3.4.2
Size: 4.4 MB
Category: Android
info: One click Android tool

KingoRoot apk

Kingoroot comes in both PC and APK version. Apk version can root your Android without using a computer. It is simple as installing a app from Google Play Store. Everything is automated. Once install and click to root all we have to do is waiting. It will take some time to root. Rooting process will be differ from device to device. This app can identify best rooting solution that matches and apply if to gain superuser access. It may require internet access in order to download other required tools during rooting process. Kingo developers has their own superuser management tool like SuperSU. It is very use full to manage root permissions of apps after rooting.

How to root with Kingoroot apk

Root Android with ease. Now no need of expert knowledge or harder procedures. Everything is automated. Below describe step by step picture guide on how to root Android.


Step 1: Download KingoRoot

In order to gain root access we need a tool for that. Here we are using KingoRoot apk. First download this app to you phone. Click here to download. Sometimes before download starts it will display message like below. Click "OK" to continue download.

Kingoroot download block

Step 2: Install KingoRoot

Once download complete you will receive download complete notification. In order to install Kingoroot click on that notification to install.

kingoroot click notification to install

Before installation start you will receive a message "Install Blocked". Don't worry it is a normal message received by every application install from internet. I mean not from Google Play Store. In order to continue enable "Unknown Sources" from settings. To enable Unknown Sources follow below picture guide.

Kingoroot install blocked click to enable unknown sources Allow unknown sources


After you enable "Unknown Sources" you will automatically redirect to Kingoroot Installation.

Kingoroot installing Kingoroot installation complete

Step 3: Root Android

At step 2 you have open the kingoroot app. Click on big blue button at the bottom "One Click Root" button to start rooting process

Kingoroot home screen Kingoroot rooting Kingoroot root success


Step 4: Verify Root

Once rooting process completes you can verify that root access is properly granted. To do that we are using RootChecker app. Click here to download and install Root Checker. After installation complete follow below picture guide to check root status of your android.

root checker click to root root checker processing root checker root result

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy full power of Android after rooting. Control everything you want. Try new apps.