Best app to verify that your Android phone, tablet or device is properly rooted or in other words has superuser or su access. It is fast, lite and completely free to use.

Download Root Checker apk

Root Checker


Download Root Checker apk

Download root checker

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Name: Root Checker
Version: v6.4.5
Size: 9.36 MB
Cagtegory: Android


How to check phone is rooted or not?

If you try to root your Android using various tools and methods and you are not sure rooting process carried out smoothly. You can verify Root access using Root Checker app. Steps of verifying is Android Rooted or not is described below.

Step 1: Download and install Root checker

You can download this app from Google Play Store or from us.

Google play store

Download root checker

Step 2: Check phone is rooted or not

Once installation complete click on "Verify Root" to check whether android phone rooted or not?

root checker click to root root checker processing root checker root result