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Kingroot is the best one click Android root tool. With this tool over millions of Android phone and devices were successfully rooted. You can use this tool to root yours too. Support all most all Android phones, tablets and devices.

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Download Link: Kingroot apk
Name: Kingroot
Version: v5.3.7
Size: 12.6 MB
Category Android
Info: One click Android Root tool

KingRoot App

Kingroot app offers fastest easiest one click root tool. It comes in both PC and APK versions. APK means you can directly download Kingroot app to your Android device and click on that app to root. No need of a computer. This app is completely free. You can root and enjoy new and cool features available after rooting Android for free using this app.

Why do I root Android?

Rooting will unleash full potential of your Android. By default Android system is limited. It has been done in order to keep Android phone according to the will of manufacture. Why do we let them to limit it. Let's break those limitation and experience full features of Android. By doing that you remove ads from any app and game for free. Because it's you android and no one can show ads you disturb you while using your Android. No need to wait till manufacture release new Android OS to your device. You can get it before everyone else for free. Those are just small advantages. There are lot more advantages available after rooting. Click here to read them all.

How to Root Android

Below steps describe rooting android with apk version. First you may try this option. Because this is the fastest way to root Android. If it is not success click here to root Android with kingroot PC version. For this you may need a USB cable and a PC.

Step 1: Download Kingroot apk

Click here to download Kingroot Apk. We are using this app to gain super user access or root access. Before download start it will display message like below

"This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep ....."

Just press "OK" and continue downloading.

Step 2: Installing Kingroot APK

After download complete check your notifications. You can see downloaded Kingroot app.  Click on that app to install.

click to install kingroot

Note: You will receive message "Install Blocked". In order to install Kingroot you have to enable "Unknown Sources"  from settings.


install blocked click to enable unknown sources Allow unknown sources


After pressing "Ok" you will redirect to Kingroot installation menu.

kingroot install now

Again installation will be blocked by Android System. Follow below picture guide to continue installation. Once you click install anyway option it will continue installation as normal.


Kingroot installation blocked Kingroot install nayway - unsafe kingroot installing kingroot open app


Step 3: Root Android

According to last step you have open the app. Now it's time to root Android. Notice it will display two extra screens on opening kingroot app. Slide up those two images to start rooting android.


kingroot simple kingroot secure kingroot strong


After your click on "Try it" button kingroot will analyze your phone or Android device.  Just as shown on below picture.

After analyzing it will display your model number and other information. It may display does your phone is rooted or not. If not rooted you can see "Try Root" button. Follow below picture guide.

Kingroot try root

It will start rooting and shows root success message. If your want to confirm or to verify root access click here. You can verify Root access or Supersu using Root Checker

Step 4: Enjoy

Now you can install any app, Android OS, kernel. Enjoy freedom