Root master is a Chinese based tool. Previously it was available only in Chinese. It was becoming more popular among Android users due to it’s success rate. As a result now we have English version. Root Master apk in English version. Best evolving one click root tool

Download Root Master APK

root master icon Root master download

Download Link: Download Now
Name: Root Master APK
Version: v3.0
Size: 4.3 MB
Category: Android

Root Master APK

With Root Master you can root your Android without using a computer. This tool is so lite and powerful. Many Android users use this app to gain root access quickly. If your phone failed to root by trying other rooting tools, try root master. It will give positive solution.

How to root using Root Master

Installing root tool is some what different to installing normal app. Because Android system knows apps and tools that break it’s limits. So it always tries to block those tools.

Step 1:  Download Root Master APK

Download Root Master APK from Here. In order to gain root access or superuser (SU) access we need a tool. That tool help us to gain root access and maintain it. We are using ROOT MASTER.

Step 2: Install Root Master

Once download complete check your notifications. There you can see downloaded files. Click on notification to begin installation. If it says “Install blocked” you have to enable “Unknown  Sources” from  settings. Check below images for guidelines. Once you have enable “Unknown Sources” you will automatically redirect to root master installation menu.

install blocked click to enable unknown sources Allow unknown sources

Step 3: Root Android with Root Master APK

After installation complete open the app. There you can see big circle named as “START”. Click on that big circle to start rooting process. It will take some time. Some phones may includes reboots. Don’t worry. Be patient. Finally you can see Root success message. That’s all.

root master welcome screen root master click to root root master rooting root master root success

Step 4: Verify Root

Once rooting process complete you can check root access or superuser access with ease. Click here to check Root. Enjoy.