Rooting will carry more advantages than disadvantages. Why people are more like to Root their Android. It is because of it’s advantages. Rooting will gives you administrative privileges. You can break limits enforce by manufacture and use your phone as you wish without bound to any limits. I means there are no “Access Denied” areas or actions. Many who like to root their device may have many problems. Because you want to know real advantages and the disadvantages of this. Keep in mind root will allows you to do anything with your Android device. So think twice about what you are doing with your Android system.

Advantages of Rooting

#1 – Can install special (root) apps

You can install apps that require root access. When compared to normal applications root applications provide more features. As these special apps can directly deal with the Android system files, they can tweak your Android in more extensive ways. For example, you can uninstall multiple applications silently after you have root access using eUninstall.

#2 –  Get latest Android OS version before everyone else

Main reason behind rooting is to install Custom ROM. In other words to install latest Android version eventhough it is not available to you. Stock ROM or the Android OS provided by manufacture contain little features when compared with custom ROMs. And the other thing is after a year or two manufacture stop providing new OS updates to your phone. With root access you can choose when to update to new android OS.

#3 – Free Internal Storage easily

People who have low internal memory can transfer any application to SD card after rooting their phones.

#4 – Block all annoying ads for free.

When you use an app or play a game there are lots of annoying ads appear. In order to remove those ads you have to pay or buy pro version. With root access you can remove all those annoying ads for free using apps like adaway.

#5 – Remove useless system apps.

By default Android comes with several preinstalled apps of manufacture. Those apps may use your internal memory and sometimes your internet. If you do not want those apps you can’t remove them. With root access you can easily remove any system app easily.

#6 – Boost your phone speed.

There are several apps that overclock your clock speed or CPU. Apps that require root access can close apps that do not use automatically. Un-rooted devices typically do not have CPU clocking capabilities, which enable you to increase and/or decrease the CPU or processor speed of your device. Increasing processor clock speed helps you extract maximum performance, while lowering it helps extend batter life. No Frills CPU Control is one such device that does this with ease, and it is free from Google Play

#7 – Increase Battery life.

You can use apps like Greenify to close useless applications automatically, effectively improving your device performance.

#8 – Free full backups

As you know when you want to have full clone of the phone of complete phone backup you can’t do that for free. Available tools are costly. With root there are lots of free apps that require root access to backup your Android to PC with ease.

Disadvantages of Rooting

#1 –  It can brick your device

One of the man risk of rooting is that your device may not work. Ultimately turn into unusable expensive brick. Even if your device not working it can fix. It may require good knowledge. You can flash stock ROM and Kernel with other required files. Other files may differ according to manufacture. To avoid this you may not delete system files and do not delete anything that rooting apps suggest not to delete.

#2 – No more warranty

Rooting will avoid warranty. Device maker or manufacture will not cover warranty for damage caused after you root your device. But there is a way. You can still unroot your Android easily. Major rootings tools like KingRoot, KingoRoot, iroot will give you a option to unroot.


Download Kingroot APK

Download Kingroot APK