The phone master is the ever known best phone manger or the phone cleaner. The other features of the phone master will make the device more improved than ever. Other than the management of the device, the phone master acts as a battery cooler as well as the junk cleaner. The above-stated features of the device are along with much more specific features like the app lock, battery saver as well as a junk cleaner.

Even the phone master can be known as an all in one app like Clean Master APK. There can be found all the essential features for the best phone cleaner. Even it is acting as the best privacy guard. The new interfaces can be found with this phone master along with it’s latest version. This app is only about a 14MB sized app. Apart from the described features here, the users would be able to explore more features along with them.

Features of the phone master

  • Excellent rating and the superb qualities
    • Such ratings have been achieved by the phone master due to the idea of the users. They have made the phone master to this position. By here the users can obtain many surprising updates. The scheduled antivirus scans and more different themes contained here in the here app. The power-saving mode and the data saver mode can be applied at any time that you want to.
  • Significant in the cleaning app
    • The phone master itself has the energizer cleaning engine. By cache cleaning, the cleaning of the junks, the device can speed up beyond your thinking ability. Speed up the device performance. There are more multiple privacy protectors assigned to protect your device security.
  • Speed booster
    • There you couldn’t be able to find out the auto start application in the background of the device. That phone master keeps the device speed up as well as cleaning all the unnecessary apps running in the background. Save battery life by neglecting all the unnecessary things that are contained in your device.
  • Junk cleaner
    • This is a percent junk file cleaner. If your device is running slow, this is the perfect time to run a cleaning process throughout the device. So for the running of the applications it needed much more space in your device. As a user you have to be responsible to make more space within your device. Boost the performance of the device by cleaning up the whole storage.
  • Battery saver
    • That is the part, the consumption of the battery usage is analyzed. That should be analyzed and have to be checked for sure. If there are more apps that cause the drain of the battery, can be deleted for sure. Stop the battery draining and promote the whole battery life of the device.
  • Cooling CPU
    • If the space is less in the device, the device tends to rise up the temperature of the device. It can be stopped. Close or remove the apps that cause the rising up the temperature.
  • App locking feature
    • The app lock could be adjusted with the apps one by one. Lock all photos, messages and applications by using the app lock by a password, pattern, or fingerprint.
  • Data managing
    • There can be setting up the data usage by one by one app. And set up the data plans monthly, weekly, or daily. There are more apps that need the consumption of data at a higher rate. Instantly identify what they are.
  • Deep cleaning
    • Use the phone master to conduct the cleaning process at a deep level. Delete all unwanted files within a few seconds.
  • Requirements to utilize
    • Each and every user of this app is required with the device along with the android version 5.0 and the upwards.
  • Moving files
    • The fines can be moved to other places by using the phone master. There can be many files located on your device that consume much more space. Just move them along with a simple tap.

Make sure to download latest version of Google Play Store. Because this app keep adding new free features for users using updates. Those updates have fix some of the issues available on this app too. Below listed some of the features added with recent updates.

  • Interface have changed.
  • Scanning interface have developed.
  • Existed bugs have fixed.
  • More improvements can be seen.

The phone master is a perfect cleaning app that can be used with every device. If you think that this is useful, then just download it and use it and watch.

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